Intern does not = lackey!

Hello, my name is John Duda and I’m the new (and first) intern at Midpoint Trade Books!

As the first intern, I have the auspicious (and potentially dangerous) opportunity to help orchestrate the responsibilities of future interns. Some of the more intriguing of my current duties include updating and maintaining Midpoint’s Twitter, librarything, shelfari and goodreads pages, and writing this blog. Some of the less interesting responsibilities include stuffing envelopes, making photocopies, and doing title analysis on Microsoft excel. Given carte blanche to create future responsibilities, I would include asbestos removal.

The staff is very nice and have referred to me as “hey you” only once or twice. I have my own desk (which, as an intern, I wasn’t expecting) that is at least two feet longer than any desk I’ve ever had at any other job. On my desk is a fax machine, a stapler, two rolls of tape, rubber bands, and some pens that I’m thinking of stealing. I don’t have a window, but I do have a very large, framed map of New York State hanging dramatically in front of me. Surprisingly, it’s not only informative but inspirational as I’ve written this entire post while staring at it.



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3 responses to “Intern does not = lackey!

  1. Welcome, John! I’m Linda Dini Jenkins, senior editor of Great Little Books, LLC (one of your publishers) and author of UP AT THE VILLA: TRAVELS WITH MY HUSBAND. Maybe we’ll get to meet at BEA! Get up and see the view outside Eric’s office . . . LDJ

  2. Welcome, John! I’m Linda Dini Jenkins, with Great Little Books, LLC — one of your publishers. Maybe I’ll see you at BEA? Good luck! LDJ

  3. Debbie Daubenspeck

    John – Congratulations on the internship. The blog is great and we love your personality and sense of humor.
    Your extended family is proud of your progress. Best wishes, Debbie, Kathy, and Tom. You Rock!!!!!

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