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My Mommy is in America & She Met Buffalo Bill: Hit the alarm, we’ve got a Fanfare/Ponent Mon sighting! And this time it isn’t manga, or even manga-related, but a 120-page, $25.00 book from 2007 by writer Jean Régnaud & artist Émile Bravo, the latter of whom has contributed several pieces to MOME (including a semi-legendary ‘trick’ story in vol. 8), and just recently picked up an “Essentials” prize at Angoulême for his work with the Marcinelle-style Belgian comics ur-character Spirou in Spirou et Fantasio, Le journal d’un ingenu. This particular book got an Essentials designation last year; it’s an anecdotal work based on Régnaud’s childhood, in which comical antics gently wash over a boy’s curiosity as to why his mother isn’t around anymore. Review by Bart Beaty here; preview here.


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