Decide Better! For College

Check out this amazing reader review of Decide Better! For College:decide-better-for-college1

“One of our Neurotic Parents and one of my HBS classmates, Mike McGrath, has successfully sold his company before the stock market crash of the Fall of 2008 and is now sharing his long experience as a Management Consultant helping managers make better decisions. His recent book written with his son DecideBetter! for College has just been published.

Below is a book review I wrote recommending it not just for precollege kids, but for college kids and recent graduates as well. With some of our students trying to decide which college to accept on May 1, some of our Neurotic Parents have found the spreadsheets on the DecideBetter! website helpful providing a framework for the decisions and to please forward it to the rest of the Neurotic Parents.

As with most advice, I think the spreadsheets are a good start to frame the question. The spreadsheets should be customized to the factors that are important to each student and the factors weighted according to what is important to each student. Then the intuitive and emotional input should become a part of the decision process after the analytics have help to rank the results. But please don’t let the spreadsheet make the decision ….”

Clifton K. Chang


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