“Wareham teen donates collection of Japanese graphic novels to library”

Read this uplifting article on SouthCoastToday.com about Mercedes McGarry who donated her collection of over 200 Japanese Graphic Novels, or Manga. obamastory11

“Manga is popular among teens and even younger children…The artwork complements the text and encourages reluctant readers to give the books a try. But that doesn’t mean they are easy reading. There are often difficult words and complex themes.”

Our sentiments exactly.

What Joyful Stories Press, an imprint of Dasan Books (Korea’s fifth largest publisher) seeks to do with the first title, The Obama Story, in The Great Hero Series is reach out to children who may not read and let them know that their dreams are achievable. With books about Charles Darwin, Bill Gates and Martin Luther King, Jr., children can realize that these heroes once started out as kids like them.

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