Disappearance Diary

“By the end of the book, Azuma’s not vomiting, homeless, and entirely a mess, but he’s still got work to do. It’s why he remains in rehab when Disappearance Diary ends and it’s why so much of the pain he caused is sliced right out the book. Azuma wasn’t drawing the book in rehab, it’s simply the position he’s taken, and so the book holds onto some of the worst aspects of his addictive behavior (denial, refusal to take it seriously, a disinterest in even actualizing the people he’s hurt), but with an odd knowingness about it too, as if he’s writing in those absences (they’re not unconscious omissions) to develop some extra contempt for the Azuma character and recreate the anger and mouth agape frustration his wife and employers and kids most certainly felt.”

Read more at Comics for Serious.



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