Grave Doubts and Body Blows

Grave Doubts by John Moss:

“The story, enhanced by clever dialogue and rich prose, climaxes in a dramatic underwater rescue worthy of any thriller. Perhaps Moss stretches credibility a bit by having Morgan led to Miranda’s rescue by little more than intuition, but to tell the truth, by the time I had reached the final pages I had so enjoyed the tale I was willing to forgive the liberty. John Moss’s website informs me that there is another Quin and Miranda book in the wings. Be sure to watch for it.”

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“Body Blows is a subtle blend of hardboiled style and noir sensibility in a satisfying who-done-it. Author Strange skillfully tangles webs of failure and deceit behind the sunny superficiality of familiar Canadian character types, giving them credible personalities. I’m planning a trip to my favourite bookseller for a copy of Sucker Punch, first of the Joe Grundy series.”

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