You know you’re a rural librarian if . . .

Publib has an amusing string:

You know you’re a rural librarian if . . .

  • Your genealogy materials are rarely used because everyone knows each other
    and their family history
  • When folks drive their lawn mowers to the library (or tractors)
  • You’re new to the library and are  iven directions to the Smiths’ house that include, “Turn right at the corner where Mrs. Jones’s aunt used to live.”  (You don’t know Mrs. Jones, let alone her aunt.)
  • You’ve heard gunshots in the distance because it is turkey hunting
  • The fire engines go roaring by several time a day because it is pasture
    burning season and it got out of hand.
  • When automotive repair manuals are filed under landscaping
  • If the two books enjoying the highest checkout in the library are The Chicken Health Book and How to do Your Own Divorce in Texas
  • You are happy to adjust employees’ schedules around their county fair
  • You carry bits of paper in your pocket when going to the grocery
    store, etc., because you know someone will request a book, or have a
  • You check out and take books to an elderly client because she kinda,
    sorta threaten to tell your Dad if you didn’t
  • A  patron asks to trade you either a dozen eggs or a freshly baked
    pie in lieu of paying a fine
  • The grandfather across the street is your security system

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