Dark Horrors: Book Title Poetry #1

Dark horrors.

The master of the world is

Doing Time in

the building opposite of here, writing his

disappearance diary which starts with the words,

Goodbye welfare,

goodbye renting.

Tokyo is my garden.” His

manuscript of ashes sits in the

lost and found next to

Ms. Zephyr’s Notebook while

The walking man passes

A Patch of Dreams on his

Quest for the Missing Girl.

Stolen hearts

United in Hate, travel

from home to home

searching for yesterday and

the people that time forgot.

The walking man passes a

valley of fire, disarming

tiger traps before entering

the time machine traveling to

totem poles and sculpted

ice warriors.

Princess Sultana’s Daughters tell him,

“She loves you,” as he continues

proving God wrong.


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