The Misadventures of Patman and the Inevitable Joe!

In 2003, two characters hit loose-leaf paper for the first time. One was a flamboyant, over the top loud mouth that was given a magical cane that gave him the ability to fly. The other was a trying to be cool, over the top smart alec that was bit by a wolf, thereby making him invincible.

Together the duo formed the team of Patman and the Inevitable Joe. Pat Stackpole and I created the two to feed our egos and write a story about villains. After five issues we couldn’t take it anymore and reformed to heroes. Throughout the years our world got larger and more peculiar. Our friends would be maddened as we talked about the series. We would sit there saying things like, “Remember when we were trying to push this character,” and our angry friends would say, “Push? Who are you guys pushing ideas to? You’re the only two part of this operation. One comes up with the idea and the other Okays it. Idiots!”

After doing several issues, we would go on hiatus. Months would go by were no process would be made. Then we’d get together and pump out another series. As the years went on, we got more sophisticated. Loose-leaf turned to computer paper. We started coloring some things in. It was no joke. We would just fold paper together and make two page comics. Since then over 70 comics have been made. Six years later, Brittany has given us the opportunity to revamp the series and put it on the internet, which is pretty exciting.

So here, for the first time publicly, we present the first issue of The Misadventures of Patman and the Inevitable Joe! Enjoy. Click to enlarge!

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2 size



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17 responses to “The Misadventures of Patman and the Inevitable Joe!

  1. Dom

    Very funny, loved their misguided reasons for becoming heroes.

  2. L.

    lol very clever. A bunch of lazy screw ups becoming super heroes is a sure sign of an entertaining future. Looking forward to the next issue 🙂

  3. Captain Chaos


  4. Jesse M.

    Wow good job guys, i like it. well drawn and well scripted 🙂

  5. Pat S.

    Wow. Its about time Joe. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as we did making it.

  6. Mike Bovine

    Decapitation was never funny until now.

    I await your future endeavors.

  7. Samantha

    HA! This is great! I know you guys can only get funnier as you go on. I expect to see you reach new levels of brilliance.

  8. Nicole HBO

    I’ll admit, I was one of the naysayers who provoked the duo in their early career. But coming back to this comic is like revisiting a golden age of ones time. Within the space of a few years this humble strip had aged beautifully and withstood the test of time. I can only hope that the team behind the saga uses this blog post to kick off a great new era of Patman and the Inevitable Joe. I know I will be watching (and waiting to snatch up the film rights).

    Most respectfully,


  9. B.P.

    I’m def looking forward to more issues of this comic. Who needs fancy illustrations?? Watching these 2 DB’s save the world from annihilation one J walker at a time will keep my attention.

  10. TC

    Having seen all of the issues of Patman and the Inevitable Joe I know you guys haven’t seen anything yet. This is serious good stuff. I look forward to seeing some new stuff!

  11. Kevin D.

    internet excellence 🙂 … I heard about this series by word of mouth and i am pleasantly surpirsed. I am an avid comic book reader and this tops my list ahaha… i look foward to more adventures from the duo.

  12. Dylan G

    Stan Lee. William Sheakspeare. Misters Pugliesi and Stackpole haha. No but in all seriousness I am now a fan of PMIJ. Can’t wait to see more! =)

  13. J

    Very funny… cant wait for the next issue

  14. gab

    after all of these years hearing about this comic to finally see it somewhere other than the pugliesi and stackpolee houses and the good shepherd schoolyardd iss pretty awesomeee

  15. christa

    Ahhh! I’m so thrilled that Patman and the Inevitable Joe is actually on the web. It’s an awesome and creative series about two normal guys being not so normal super heroes. Who wouldnt love that?

  16. the other, other stackpole

    It’s about time these two have a real outlet, other then a folded piece of loose leaf paper, for their morally questionable and and over-the-top alter egos. Fantastic job guys and let’s see some more!

  17. Burger Boy

    clever…this is actually my first time reading one of these after hearing about it for so long…not bad…gotta check out the other one

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