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Joyful Stories Press is the new American imprint of Korean publisher, Dasan Books. Publisher Jaeo Woo, General Manager of Dasan Books with offices in New Jersey, says, “The goal of Joyful Stories Press is to expose children to this dynamic form of literature, manga. With exciting graphics and uplifting stories, The Great Heroes Series, a series of 50 planned titles through 2010, reaches out to children everywhere who don’t necessarily grow up under the best of circumstances and reassures them that their dreams can come true.”

With an all-star team in Korea and edited by Brittany Pogue-Mohammed of New York City, books by Joyful Stories Press are perfect for schools and libraries.

The Great Heroes Series is the first of its kind. A series of biographical manga, The Great Heroes Series focuses on the childhood and careers of historical heroes in an effort to prove to children that dreams are achievable with hard work and perseverance.

In focusing on historical figures, this series is easily integrated into course work. Graphic novels and manga are sweeping the country. Children are able to see how the graphics relate to text and thereby, create a story.

The Obama Story is first book in the series, followed closely by The Darwin Story and The Bill Gates Story. One or two additional titles will be published each month to a total of 50.

This series is available on the Youth Graphic Novel Standing Order Program and is written for ages 8-11 and for reluctant or struggling reader.

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Obama, Darwin and Gates!


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