“Mom, Pretend Like I’m in Arizona”

“I’m not sure I should tell you this,” he says to me. I would rather be upset than blind so I go in. “I want to know. Tell me.”
“I’m going to a place that starts with an H. They told us to be prepared for see fire mom.”
I work the code.
“Can you confirm that you are still in Iraq?” I ask.
“I am still in Iraq mom but you know that even if I were not, I could not tell you,” he explains.
“Got it. Do you know I love you?”
“Yup,” he says. Then he smacks his lips twice. That was our code when he was a little boy and I dropped him off at school. He could say “I love you” by smacking his lips and no one else around him would be the wiser.

Only this time, it’s not Monday morning in front of school.

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