Piopi (pron:p-o-p)


Upon arriving at my parent’s house, my sister spotted a kitten precariously walking on the edge of a neighbor’s property. Checking with the neighbors, we determined the kitten did not belong to them and figured that itvwas the offspring of one of the neighborhood cats who have no owners.

Fixing her with a dish of milk and wrapping her in one of my brothers tee shirts to keep her warm, we took turns watching her (and keeping her away from other allergic family members) and figuring out what do.

We knocked on doors, presented her to an alley cat who rejected her, asked neighbors and called the ASPCA.

In the end, we took a drive to Brooklyn (she slept the whole way) and left her in the caring hands of an animal shelter.

Normally not a fan of cats, I have to say, I do miss her.


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