The Commute (Part 7)

This one dollar bill, which means nothing to me, is Ned’s salary for the day. What kind of person would I be if I left it on the train for another person to take? What human being would take this dollar and hit the nearest Wendy’s for a delicious hamburger on his lunch break? Or insert it into the vending machine for the Oh Henry! bar that calls his name every day? Huh? Tell me!

Contrary to the thoughts of tasty foods to which my mind wanders, I have to return it. Besides, I saw the way Eileen looked at me when I bent down to get the dollar. Although she would’ve taken it in a second, she’ll silently condemn me each and every day we ride the train together if I don’t get it back to Ned. But how would she know?  It’s not like she’s playing Samwise to my Frodo on this excursion.

Getting off this train will throw me off schedule. I will arrive late to work and my whole day will be off balance, all because a bum lost his fucking dollar. How ridiculous. As I exit the train I can’t help but think what a day this is turning out to be, and it’s only the beginning. I am appointed a mission I want nothing to do with. Rescue the princess, slay the dragon, return the dollar. Fate has dealt me a cruel hand and in it is this dollar bill.

Fuck it. I’ll do it. For Ned. If anyone asks why I’m late to work I’ll simply reply, “I missed my fucking train this morning.”


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