A Great Show You’re Not Watching


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  1. Dennis McClellan

    My stepmother lived in a large home in south central Pennsylvania. At the time she married my late father, she moved everything from his home into her’s. When he died, she kept everything he owned in large boxes (found in every room of the house). She lived surrounded by cartons of new things that were never unpacked and put to use. Chairs and couches were unusable because “things” cluttered them. Eventually I convinced her leave the large home and move into a brand new condo with other people her age. Immediately she had a van lines pick up everything from the house and move it to the condo. And today she lives in a spacious spanking new condo with a wonderful vista of a national park in the distance — surrounded by all of her belongings (and those of my late father…as well as those of her later first husband). When I visit her (which is infrequently), I usually stand during the entire time I’m with her, because there is no room to sit. She’s make a great study for this reality show.

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